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Logistical and Delivery Support

Client:         RISE Festival

Agency:      Direct Client

Role:           Logistical Delivery Support

Location:    Les Deux Alpes, France

Date:          June 2018 - November 2018

Key Skills:   Refining product to maximise sales


In the run-up to RISE Festival, I worked in a logistical and delivery support role for the RISE Festival Team providing a range of solutions across the travel and accommodation aspects of the event.  The role requires a high level of organisation to ensure planning is systematic and will maximise sale opportunities.  This appeals to my logical nature and I very much enjoy dealing with the small, on the surface, trivial aspects.  These will eventually jigsaw together to create the bigger picture and ultimately assist with the seamless execution of the event brief.  Specific areas of responsibility include:

  • Overall my role was to manage the 'shop front' (booking platform) alongside yield management.

    • Product curation, both activating and negotiating this with local suppliers to ensure margins could be maximised as much as possible and to generate increased sales.

    • Co-ordinating and managing web sales platforms including working on the commercials with the curation team on design and copywriting. 

    • Yield and inventory management and feeding this in to sales and marketing departments to ensure sale targets are met and brand is aligned. 

    • The RISE booking platform can be viewed here

  • Providing travel solutions and implementing the operational plan for this.

  • Sourcing bespoke accommodation options across a range of guests from general to VIP.

  • Working alongside artist liaison and fulfilling hospitality riders.

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