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How I am going to make your life easy.


Freelancer (noun.): ‘hired to work to for different companies on particular assignments’ – it really should be that simple.


A common philosophy runs through everything I do; I aim to provide excellent service for all stakeholders involved in a project, from directors to customers or suppliers to partners.  I treat every stakeholder with the utmost respect and ensure I deliver all elements of the brief to the highest standards within the specified timeline. 


I pride myself on making the lives of my clients as easy as possible, so on that note and in the interest of getting moving on your project without delay, please read on for my simple (and I hope informative) approach to bringing method to the madness.





I have a varied catalogue of experience across the events and tourism sector.  This has provided me with a transferable skill set, allowing me to dissect a brief and co-ordinate the delivery of any scale project, whilst maintaining profitability in all areas of the campaign.


I am experienced in liaising with local coordinators and suppliers and am able to forge meaningful relationships with these providers. Communication with suppliers together with my methodical manner means I am able to efficiently handle yield and inventory management, which ensures all requirements are met for both current events and lasting relationships are developed for future projects. 


To date, I have worked on projects across Europe, Asia and Australasia and understand no two are the same.  As such, I am a list maker (& a ‘ticker off-er’) and a meticulous planner.  However, should a problem arise, I am also adaptable and have a creative can-do attitude that is focused on solutions in order to consistently maintain high standards, keep everything in perspective, exceed client expectations and ensure the event runs without a hitch.  


My past projects cover a broad spectrum of clients from all walks of life, from the highest-ranking Naval personnel and corporate CEO’s to young creatives and festival goers. I am able to shift and adapt to ensure communication with your clients is relevant and that they ultimately go away happy.




Your Choice:

  • Remotely 

  • Your Office

  • Onsite


I work on a freelance basis which allows me to bring specific quantifiable skills to projects which I am working on, whilst my clients are able to focus their valuable time elsewhere. 


I am based between Manchester and London and am able to work autonomously from my home office, however, I am more than happy to travel to you or chat via video call as required.  

I have worked in an agency setting and have experience in the intricacies of work in this environment.


3/ HOW




I understand how long it can take to hire the right person for the job and how much time this detracts from what it is you really need to be doing.  With this in mind I have done the paperwork for you, so we can get straight to it:


  • Terms of service / independent freelance agreement:

    • All the nitty gritty laid out so everyone knows where they stand.  This document will form the basis of our relationship and can, of course, be amended to cover the task at hand.


  • Costing overview:

    • In order to avoid any awkward conversations, an overview of my costings can be found via the below link.  This should be used as a guideline, I am happy to discuss pricing based on your specific project. 


  • Appraisals:

    • Don't just take my word for it, take a look at what my past clients have to say.





All sound good?  Here is what's next:


  1. Send your brief over to

  2. I will come back to you within 48 hours with my initial thoughts on your project and to arrange quick call.  

  3. Together we will agree on the terms of my position and map out my deliverables. 

  4. Finalise the paperwork - either using a customised version of my draft service agreement or your own.

  5. Let's get this show on the road! 


Need an overview? Please click the link below for a PDF overview document. 

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